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[#] Wed Sep 08 2021 11:18:14 MST from ParanoidDelusions <>

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So, too late last night, I had a bunch of pistachios. I knew it was a bad idea - but what made it worse was that my wife was sharing the bowl with me. She eats *fast*. It is really a terrible habit of hers that I can't break her of. 

My mother loved peanuts, but after her 50s, sometimes they would give her *terrible* heart burn. It isn't just heart burn, though. I get a knot in my shoulder blades, I get a lump at the bottom of my esophagus to the right. I get painful burps... 

But I've learned that I can eat almost *any* kind of seed or nut, short of sunflower seeds, as long as I slow down and chew thoroughly. 

Yesterday as we were mowing through this bowl of pistachios at breakneck speed - I had a little, "this may not go well..." 

Now... Cashews, I can eat a bunch of them, and I don't have to slow down even - and I'm almost always alright. So I was hoping it would be like that. 

It wasn't. 

Around 11, laying in bed, I could feel the knot forming in my back, near my right shoulder blade. I fought it for a while, then I had a couple of burps... the kind where you have to suck in some air to get the burp to come out and it hurts... and I was like... great, here we go. 

I got to bed by 3 AM. 

Terrible night.