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[#] Thu May 27 2021 10:35:52 MST from ParanoidDelusions <>

Subject: Re: Links to doc downloads on WWW at

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I need to make a proper index page and update the landing page at with a link to that page - if I'm going to start expanding into a regular website. 

Dude on Reddit was asking me for one of these docs, and the weird thing is - Cancel culture and doxxing and the insane Left have made it so that I don't really *want* interaction with strangers on the Internet. I sent him the link where it is on Facebook, but he doesn't have a Facebook account (I don't trust people without Facebook accounts. They're Generation Nintendo - and they're frequently dicks...) 

I didn't want to make him go all the way and log into the BBS - that isn't ideal. I really don't advertise on Twitter or Discord or Reddit. They're not my demographic at all. It is funny... they don't want Facebook as a social media site, and I don't want them as social media users... 

I don't know if this guy is or isn't "one of them," either. But he was on Reddit and fit the profile - and... I'm not taking chances with that. 

So, even once I made the website, I was hesitant to share the URL on Reddit. The Left has literally discouraged my willingness to share tribal wisdom with others over the last 5 years - primarily because no matter HOW much good you do for a community - the one thing you do that isn't aligned with their Ministry of Social Honor, they crucify you any way they can. 

Wed May 26 2021 17:27:09 MST from ParanoidDelusions <> Subject: Links to doc downloads on WWW at

I'm going to have to expand on this, but this is a start:

This is mostly a bookmark for myself so I can find it later when I clean it up.