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[#] Sun Nov 21 2021 14:54:20 MST from rss <>

Subject: Telegram for sharing 3D printer STL files?

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I've done a lot of searching through the sub, and many posts mention telegram as a good way to find and share STLs, but no links anywhere.

Can someone please PM me a few links to worthwhile telegram groups? Thanks!

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[#] Sun Nov 21 2021 15:29:43 MST from rss <>

Subject: Where can I find tutorials on 2D animation and illustration?

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I've been wanting to study 2D animation and illustration. There are some neat courses out there like on, but unfortunately I can't access them from where I am from. Any leads on this would be helpful. I tried, but I didn't have much luck. Neither are they accepting requests.

submitted by /u/TheRealAzhu
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[#] Sun Nov 21 2021 15:25:39 MST from rss <>

Subject: How do you guys manage your digital media library?

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So after years of having an unorganized media library and being a leecher, I decided to try to organize things more nicely.

I setup a Jellyfin server in my home computer to have a nice UI where I can access my downloaded movies and shows, and organized my media in separate folders for movies and shows, each with a subfolder for animated movies/shows and live action movies/shows.

I really like that Jellyfin can automatically get the metadata for most media, but many times because of weird filenames or just filenames that don't follow Jellyfin's conventions, this doesn't work as expected. This happens especially frequently with shows downloaded from nyaa . si as the fansub groups prepends to the filename their name, which confuses Jellyfin. Even though I 'Identify' through the web client the shows, the individual episodes remain with their original filenames, which means Jellyfin couldn't recognize it.

Because of this, I find myself frequently having to rename the files so that they can be properly recognized by Jellyfin, but this means my torrent client would no longer be able to seed properly. For the moment what I do is seed for some time until I have a nice ratio and then I rename the files so that I can watch them with Jellyfin, but I would like to keep seeding even after watching the shows and having to wait until my ratio is nice is sometimes a pain. I have thought of just having a folder for the torrents, and copying the files to my media folder and renaming them there, but that would use a lot of storage space and I would prefer not doing that.

What solution do you guys use that allows for seeding and having a nice, organized library (with Jellyfin if possible) at the same time?

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[#] Sun Nov 21 2021 15:51:43 MST from rss <>

Subject: What is the best place to stream online

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[#] Sun Nov 21 2021 15:32:35 MST from rss <>

Subject: Best Movie Piracy Site's?

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[#] Sun Nov 21 2021 15:59:42 MST from rss <>

Subject: is this a false positive guys? (from official fitgirl site)

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[#] Sun Nov 21 2021 16:21:06 MST from rss <>

Subject: Torrenting over a VPS

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Found a really nice VPS host service with basically no kyc policies, they just need an email address. Is it a good idea to use these as a torrent box? I cant seed much because I have to run a VPN the whole time because you are very very likely to get sued for torrenting here in Germany.

Are VPS services actively searching for pirated files on their servers?

Many VPNs also have a CLI version for Linux, I could use Mullvad so the VPS provider doesn't know that I'm downloading pirated stuff. Anyone here with experience on that topic?

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[#] Sun Nov 21 2021 15:18:53 MST from rss <>

Subject: why are products split into different parts?

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I've seen products with parts 1,2 and 3 and was wondering what are they for. Also why do they put a time limit between downloads, is there a way to get past this?

submitted by /u/TediousCheese
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[#] Sun Nov 21 2021 16:39:42 MST from rss <>

Subject: Girl don't make me wait 6 hours 😭

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[#] Sun Nov 21 2021 16:29:14 MST from rss <>

Subject: Firestick apps for watching movies?

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What's the most recent and best app to watch movies on firestick? I have cinema HD,tea TV but the links are not working properly,they show different movies than the actual link. So any recommendations?

submitted by /u/arranmore72
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[#] Sun Nov 21 2021 16:54:45 MST from rss <>

Subject: What even is the point of pirating NFTs? I've seen a lot of discussion around it on this sub and others, but it seems completely pointless.

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I know the basics of crypto and NFTs, but I am by no means an expert or an investor. There seems to be a huge trend recently of screenshotting/pirating NFTs to screw the owners over, but isn't that completely pointless? Sure, you might also now own a monkey with laser eyes or whatever, but what good is that? Since you didn't actually purchase it from a registered owner or creator, if you want to resell it, you'll have to mint it yourself and upload it the blockchain. Buyers can then see very clearly that it's a ripoff. It's not part of any official collection, it wasn't minted by the owners, and it has no trading history. The whole trend is meaningless. Besides, the point of NFTs is not the actual piece of media, it's the mathematical signature that verifies it as yours. No one actually cares what kind of hat your monkey is wearing. That's not the point. Once you screenshot an NFT, you own the media only, which is the most meaningless part of the entire operation. It's not worth anything, it has no mathematical signature, it's not attached to a blockchain, and there's no way you can resell it. Can someone please explain to me what the point of pirating NFTs even is, besides pissing the owner off?

submitted by /u/Commercial-Grab-5546
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[#] Sun Nov 21 2021 18:00:47 MST from rss <>

Subject: Weekly General Discussion Thread (November 21, 2021)

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This thread is for the r/Piracy community to discuss whatever is on their mind, whether it is related to digital piracy or not.

  • Rules are still applicable so please do not request for specific pirated content (ie. specific movie, book, etc.) and definitely don't link to any. Do not mention specific media names asking for help in finding them.

  • Don't forget to check out the wiki, which contains a megathread with a list of sites/apps, tools, FAQ, and other useful resources.

  • Your question also may have been asked previously - you can search the subreddit via google - example:


For previous weekly threads, click here.

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[#] Sun Nov 21 2021 18:07:53 MST from rss <>

Subject: Where should I save a screen recorded movie?

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I want to screen record some movies but I want to make sure I am storing in a secure place. Would regular files be good or maybe something else? I’m using Bandicam to screen record if that helps

I will make sure to respond to ALL comments/replies

submitted by /u/Xxx_CODElephant_xx
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[#] Sun Nov 21 2021 18:29:11 MST from rss <>

Subject: is there a way to download rented movies from Google Play?

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[#] Sun Nov 21 2021 18:41:34 MST from rss <>

Subject: They're stealing your data so steal theirs beforehand

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Pretty much all major tech companies these days are making money by collecting all your data in exchange for a “free” or cheap product. Yes, that includes streaming services. By selling your data, they’re making much more money than you are paying them via your subscription costs. If you’re using an adblocker like uBlock Origin (which you should), you can see exactly which third parties those sites are connected to. Yes, Netflix and other streaming services are selling your viewing habits and location data to third parties like Facebook and Google. Not like that’s surprising considering that you’ll find Facebook and Google trackers on the vast majority on the internet nowadays. Hi r/piracy from r/privacy I guess.

So while you guys are arguing whether or not pirating is moral, those companies aren’t thinking twice about stealing your data, oftentimes without your consent or even knowledge, so stop feeling bad about stealing theirs beforehand!

submitted by /u/jikesar968
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[#] Sun Nov 21 2021 18:41:27 MST from rss <>

Subject: mp4 decrypt video

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lic url




Dr-Platform: android

Dr-Dv: m.2061a6e23daeed98

course-id: 1

Dr-UID: 6197bdf7aa8ded1766241523 - MFREE

Dr-App: marrow

Dr-Dv-ENC: mvGiz4TefWfCAIZB7ls/FxlxG1Tp1ycsF5k5Qs85ShgzQ4UkEI6gWeS8kkHLQ4TYHg==

Dr-Dv-Model: M2007J17I

Dr-Token: .eJxVztEKwjAMheF3ybXI2m7p5suUaDIouKVksl2I725HQfD25-Nw3pAyww3QTfHOcyQaWdhFRN-7wQe4AFti2fNDKluuvkNHKD4wifA0NkClpF1sy7pWFbqhZd3-6s-eS2SmRyvlSa9ZbamZVjatjz5fps8vnA.FHlPdw.cU9iv7UGWbBz-O5eqWVeewLMDSY

Dr-App-Version: 308

Dr-Dv-Ts: 1637519911390

User-Agent: Marrow/7.15.1 (com.marrow; build:308; Android 11(30); Device)

Accept-Encoding: gzip


Connection: Keep-Alive

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[#] Sun Nov 21 2021 18:38:16 MST from rss <>

Subject: Hey, I never downloaded anything pirated, so I need help.

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So I wanted to use one software, but I don’t know which website should I use for free download. Do I need to have some specific programs and browsers before I started downloading? How can I know that link is safe?

Thanks in advance

submitted by /u/Zmaj_sa_Dinara
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[#] Sun Nov 21 2021 19:24:58 MST from rss <>

Subject: Is something going on with steam unlocked?

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Its not my first time using the site, and I'm used to upload heaven throwing some sketchy redirects my way (your average download page shouldn't open an extra tab to a DIFFERENT page). Thing is, I recently downloaded "Always Sometimes Monsters" from them, and my antivirus found a trojan inside of the files (occamy.aa to be precise). I'm a hundred percent sure I downloaded the right thing, so is this occamy thing like Keygen (where windows will flag it no matter what) or was something wrong with the steamunlocked download? (or, third option, I am a dumbass that somehow managed to fuck a simple download).

Again, I followed the same procedure I always do when downloading, so I can't have accidentaly clicked on something sketchy (I've got uBlock + universal bypass, plus the common sense not to trust extra tabs), so I'm still curious if I somehow managed to fuck something up.

submitted by /u/coppernicus12
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[#] Sun Nov 21 2021 19:55:31 MST from rss <>

Subject: Finally got router/firewall enforced VPN killswitch set up on a segregated piracy VLAN, now time for the rest...

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