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[#] Sun Jan 23 2022 17:06:46 MST from rss <>

Subject: Can the downloading of copyrighted work on a Porn Fourm be be traced back to you the same way it could if you downloaded in on BitTorrent?

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I want to download some photo galleries off of a Porn Fourm but I don't want to risk getting sued for Copyright infringement. I know people have been sued in the past for downloading Porn off of BitTorrent. So my question is can downloading a file from a Porn Fourm (File Share) be traced back to me like a BitTorrent could or am I safe to download photos?

submitted by /u/SocialAfterDark
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[#] Sun Jan 23 2022 14:10:17 MST from rss <>

Subject: Downloading apps on iPhone

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Someone can give me a legit site to download free for a horizon 4/5 on my iPhone (XR if it matters ) if it’s possible

submitted by /u/Vploft
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[#] Sun Jan 23 2022 17:21:58 MST from rss <>

Subject: What do you think of Stremio as a magnet link player?

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I used to use vlc-bittorent or peerflix + vlc to open video magnet links, but Stremio is much much snappier, do you know why? The only thing that scares me of using it is that it is not open source, so they could be doing something malicious to the user...

submitted by /u/Odd_Investigator6094
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[#] Sun Jan 23 2022 17:35:28 MST from rss <>

Subject: Any one got Crusader Blade working on your copies of Bannerlord and CK3?

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Since the release of Crusader Blade one has to ask the question if there's a way for us peasants to play this fantastic mod without owning a steam version of the two games.

Bannerlord seems to load up fine, but then it asks me to log into steam to get CK3 to start working, which is where I get stuck.

Since I've already given the pathfile to my working CK3 directory, I don't see the reason as to why I have to log into steam to get this mod working.

Wonder if any of you out there have found a workaround?

submitted by /u/siegfried_eisenkraut
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[#] Sun Jan 23 2022 18:00:12 MST from rss <>

Subject: Weekly General Discussion Thread (January 23, 2022)

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This thread is for the r/Piracy community to discuss whatever is on their mind, whether it is related to digital piracy or not.

  • Rules are still applicable so please do not request for specific pirated content (ie. specific movie, book, etc.) and definitely don't link to any. Do not mention specific media names asking for help in finding them.

  • Don't forget to check out the wiki, which contains a megathread with a list of sites/apps, tools, FAQ, and other useful resources.

  • Your question also may have been asked previously - you can search the subreddit via google - example:


For previous weekly threads, click here.

submitted by /u/AutoModerator
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[#] Sun Jan 23 2022 18:02:20 MST from rss <>

Subject: TIFU by realizing I was causing my download rate to be pitiful for years

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My pirating download speed had been slow for a while, and I never troubleshot why. I wasn’t sure if the ISP was getting better at throttling or if it was the lower seed count for a lot of the files. And I remember a while ago I cranked down the upload speed to 1kib/s thinking that was solely for other people to seed from me, and I wanted to decrease my chance of getting a copyright ding which happened once when my VPN was disconnected unbeknownst to me. So finally I was reading up on troubleshooting improving speeds and came across a sentence in an article about how uploading helps your computer know what to do with where to put and compile the file or something. So I went into the settings and cranked up the upload file and my 200kib/s rate shot up to 3MBPS. I feel like an idiot but thought someone else might want to check if they’re suffering from similar speed issues

submitted by /u/thetransportedman
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[#] Sun Jan 23 2022 17:58:47 MST from rss <>

Subject: How to get premium porn account logins for free?

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Is there any site from which we can get premium porn site logins for free

submitted by /u/EfficientAd1290
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[#] Sun Jan 23 2022 11:24:49 MST from rss <>

Subject: Audiobooks? Recommend me a site

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Anyone got any good recommendations on where to grab some audiobooks? Popular stuff.


submitted by /u/matt30186
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[#] Sun Jan 23 2022 18:46:39 MST from rss <>

Subject: Cant play mkv with VLC

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When i try to open the mkv of the movie vlc responds with the error

"Your input can't be opened"

Maybe the file size is too big (about 120GB)

No problems when i open it with kodi.

Here is the nfo:

*MOVIE NAME*.Extended.German.DTSHD.DL.2160p.UHD.BluRay.DV.HDR.HEVC.Remux

Runtime...........: 3h 48min

Format............: HEVC DV HDR10 mkv

Format.Profil.....: Main 10@L5.1@High

Video-Bitrate.....: 68.0 Mb/s

Resolution........: 3840x2160

FPS...............: 23.976

Colour.Primaries..: BT.2020

BitDepth..........: 10 bits

ChromaSubsampling.: 4:2:0 (Type 2)

Video.Source......: Ultra HD Blu-ray

Subs..............: Deutsch Forced, Deutsch SDH, English SDH

Audio.............: 1: Deutsch DTS-HD MA 6.1 (UHD Blu-ray)

2: English TrueHD Atmos 7.1 (UHD Blu-ray)

3: English Dolby Digital 5.1 (UHD Blu-ray)

Thanks for the help

submitted by /u/reicto
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[#] Sun Jan 23 2022 19:20:17 MST from rss <>

Subject: Why does a 2.3 gb game take 10 hours to download from a website when a 70 gb game is takes less time to download on steam?

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Can someone explain this?

submitted by /u/Fungusamongus27
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[#] Sun Jan 23 2022 19:46:24 MST from rss <>

Subject: Moving to UK from India in a month. Any Tips ?

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In my life, i never paid for any services. i torrent all things i need and use as many mods (both pc and Android) possible. As u might know, Indian ISPs don't give a shit about piracy. But I have no idea how it is in UK. Any tips please? If u suggest a vpn, please suggest something with an annual subscription under 20 Pounds and with Indian location available in vpn (to watch sports)

submitted by /u/christopher_msa
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[#] Sun Jan 23 2022 19:59:09 MST from rss <>

Subject: Does anyone know how to get mods on Ark: Survival Evolved?

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Hello, I recently downloaded fitgirl's repack for Ark and I was wondering if anyone was able to figure out how to get mods for it. I attempted the Tek Launcher but I couldn't figure it out. Any ideas?

submitted by /u/AppleAsk
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[#] Sun Jan 23 2022 19:57:32 MST from rss <>

Subject: Is there any pirated courses from sites like Udemy?

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Really need to learn some of them but even $15 price tag is quite unaffordable for me

submitted by /u/artessk
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[#] Sun Jan 23 2022 19:53:36 MST from rss <>

Subject: How can we promote a pirate website?

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Hey we have a few pirate website (movies, software's, etc...) we dedicate time and effort in the websites they work great but we have problem promoting them how can we make people notice us?

submitted by /u/Dizzy_Ad7992
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[#] Sun Jan 23 2022 17:17:59 MST from rss <>

Subject: What could happen to me if i login with a random DisneyPlus account from the internet?

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I guess the worst is, that the account get's banned, but do i have to fear any consequences?

submitted by /u/coolasf1re
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[#] Sun Jan 23 2022 20:27:15 MST from rss <>

Subject: Where Can I watch/DL movies/Series

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I've tried Stremio but for the series I'm looking for I can't find any streams Can anyone help?

submitted by /u/FieryDragonz
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[#] Sun Jan 23 2022 20:41:27 MST from rss <>

Subject: Website for watching Spider-Man No way home?

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MyFlixer only has cam and I don’t want to watch it cause it would spoil the experience. So anywhere I can watch it in hd for free?

submitted by /u/ProEliteF
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[#] Sun Jan 23 2022 21:27:14 MST from rss <>

Subject: Record live tv from site

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submitted by /u/The_Dukes_Of_Hazzard
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[#] Sun Jan 23 2022 21:33:11 MST from rss <>

Subject: Where can I download anime fast/ app to download anime from websites?

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I used to use animekisa but now it's really slow to download anime. You know any websites or apps I can use?

submitted by /u/Friedrich201
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[#] Sun Jan 23 2022 21:45:00 MST from rss <>

Subject: Download/screen record a course I paid for?

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Idm doesn't pick links from this website. How can I download videos from it without letting the admin know about it?

submitted by /u/perdthenerd
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