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[#] Wed Mar 30 2022 13:32:22 MST from rss <>

Subject: As someone who has been in the piracy scene since 2011ish: Has Denuvo won? It REALLY feels like piracy is taking its last breath

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I've been following Denuvo since the first iterations appeared back around 2014. I remember when Voksi and CPY figured out the first cracks, then both of them ended up getting bought out by Irdeto. Now all we have is Empress is seems like and she can't possibly keep up. I mean we still have games going back as far as 2018 that are uncracked, and almost everything 2021 and 2022 is uncracked. CODEX has closed their doors for good, and IIRC several other scene groups have just disappeared entirely.

I can afford the price of a video game if I truly want to play something truth be told. $50 isn't NOTHING to me but at this stage in my life it won't break the bank either. Problem is the base price of the game has become more like paying for a demo. Now you are expected to shill out $30 for a season pass, $20 for another DLC that isn't included with that, and drop MT to get cosmetics and other items you used to earn as game play rewards. That was always a favorite part of games to me, the dopamine hit of unlocking something after completing some difficult challenge. I get no such dopamine hit from entering my credit card details and paying $2 for a digital skin that will soon be irrelevant. I refuse to buy ANY game that features micro transactions. Season Pass can also be a deal breaker if its not done in a tasteful manor.

There's also the fact that sooner or later some of these games will be delisted from sale and just become unavailable except for vastly overpriced scalped keys like Battlefield 2 Complete which an unused steam key for now sells for $500. Even then if you have the game they rely on an external server to be able to run. Eventually someone is going to shut off the lights for that. Then you have the problem of newer hardware iterations, especially ones that differ dramatically from previous generations like Big-Little architecture, tends to break DRM like this rendering those games unplayable on modern systems.

Honestly I don't blame crackers. There are zero ethics in what is left of the scene, people steal each others code constantly, the end users have gotten lazy and no longer remember how to install their own cracks, do their own trouble shooting, or even use bittorrent (with every lazy Gen Z out there expecting a direct download) and the amount of work required to crack a game has gone up exponentially.

But I don't like where it seems like we are heading. I remember at various points over the last decade that people have declared piracy dead just to have some new master cracker come along and wipe out most of the backcatalog in a span of weeks. That hasn't happened in a while and it seems like that is unlikely to happen again. There for a minute in 2019 we were back down to crack times being measured in days in most cases for major releases and now that has stopped. For the first time it really seems like we've lost. And the reason behind this was never to stop piracy, that was always a secondary concern. The rise of Denuvo coincided with the rise of MTX, it was about making sure we can't cheat and bypass their shitty grinds that ruin games which is why Denuvo is often layered with always online.

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[#] Wed Mar 30 2022 13:28:08 MST from rss <>

Subject: Disney are now censoring shows

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They censored some light gore from Falcon and the Winter Soldier

What's the point of this?

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[#] Wed Mar 30 2022 13:27:49 MST from rss <>

Subject: srsone is now down again for a few days on both URLs

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srsone is now down again for a few days on both URLs …anyone knows if they change it again or if it's coming back?

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[#] Wed Mar 30 2022 13:49:34 MST from rss <>

Subject: Piracy of movies/shows/books

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I know my question is quite common and I'm sure this subreddit probably have already answered it but I'm new and I'm wondering:

What are best places to pirate movies/shows/books?

Virus free

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[#] Wed Mar 30 2022 13:41:19 MST from rss <>

Subject: FTP and the capabilities of possibly implementing scripts into a game on xbox one

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so I'm extremely stupid when it comes to coding or scripts and I use a ftp to transfer mods onto my console (Xbox one) on Minecraft (I'm 18 btw don't judge me its a good game) and I wanted to open the possibility of modding games on Xbox with a ftp like if I can edit Minecraft I know a very simple game then why cant I edit another game or even add stuff to it like scripts like for instance adding gta single players mods and shit like that I really want someone to guide me on my way because holy fuck I thought I knew a decent bit about coding just to realize I know nothing this just opened a whole new world for me and I mean what possibilities could there be

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[#] Wed Mar 30 2022 14:05:58 MST from rss <>

Subject: At least the copy I pirated at release hasn't changed

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[#] Wed Mar 30 2022 14:11:15 MST from rss <>

Subject: V/tards are pretty green nowadays

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[#] Wed Mar 30 2022 14:04:49 MST from rss <>

Subject: How to download password protected videos from vimeo without the password?

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I have the link of what I want to download, but it's private and requires a password.

I'm trying to download a rare movie (which is not found anywhere else, I've checked)

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[#] Wed Mar 30 2022 14:24:38 MST from rss <>

Subject: Morality of buying ebooks, physical books and pirating

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So, I posted this in Kindle subreddit but the mods removed my post. Apparently, it's even a sin to acknowledge that piracy exists. I am posting it here so that it remains somewhere if someone like me who's questioning his choices come looking for it online as I was.


Hi all, I am gonna preface this by saying that I have in most of my young life have pirated content (Movies, Tv series etc) but as I have grown older I am constantly thinking about what I am doing is morally correct or not and I try as much as I can to balance it.

Now, I decided this year that I am gonna read atleast 10 books this year and this is coming from someone who hasn't read a good novel most of his life. With questions like what the hell my life actually is and why do I exist in this world, what is this world, I have been gravitated towards books in the last few months. I had this realisation from listening to the long form conversations online and many people just point to a book or an author to justify their claims like Nietzsche, Dostoyevsky etc. I did read Crime and Punishment, The Brothers Karamazov in last two months and I think I grasp some concepts. I also read Anna Karenina though not a novel on existential crises but which I thoroughly enjoyed especially the inner dialogues of the characters and how they were thinking about things and coming to the decisions they made.

I bought the Kindle in the start of this year because I thought it would be a good investment and books would be cheaper to buy and it will all be balance out in the future. I bought all three of those books. Having purchased the ebooks, I didn't feel quite right about it. I feel like I don't really actually own the book. I don't know how to explain it properly. There are limitations on it like I can't actually use that book in other apps or lend it to a friend etc. I also read that there is a DRM on the books and amazon just gives a license to read the book instead of me actually owning the copy. Then I read on wiki about the time where they remotely erased the George Orwell's books and banned them. I know they restored it later but it does prove that they could do something like that. It's small things like that. It may also be that it's not a physical copy that I can touch but idk. On top of that, the books I purchased are similar in price with the physical books, maybe a buck or two less. I don't want to make a case for piracy (maybe indirectly I am) as I have myself being drawn away from it because I realise it's someone's hard-work to write books and publish them and I want to support them.

Moving further, I do think that when you buy a physical book, there should an ebook bundled with it because purchasing both seems a bit excessive to me, maybe I am wrong but that's what I think. I am having a sort of dilemma now, that what if I just purchase the physical copy and pirate the ebook with it? It costs the same money and I would still be contributing to the writer and publisher. Another thing is that I feel reading on my kindle much better as it's easy to hold and I can read it in the night with lights off and I could also pick up the physical book if I desire it.

Sorry if this was too long or messy as english isn't my first language. I just wanted to give a few of my thoughts on this.

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[#] Wed Mar 30 2022 14:13:32 MST from rss <>

Subject: I don't have a VPN, are there other easy ways to access rarbgprx and 1337x?

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Just yesterday both those sites were blocked by my isp (strangely enough they redirect to a page saying they only have blocked tpb). I don't have a VPN. Are there any easy ways around my isp block that I should know? Thanks!

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[#] Wed Mar 30 2022 14:48:15 MST from rss <>

Subject: I want to download some Dog training courses for free.

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I've turned the internet upside down to download Ian Dunbar courses and I only found pretty old ones, any help finding collection of his new ones cuz they're waay too expensive?
here's a link of them on udemy:

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[#] Wed Mar 30 2022 14:47:47 MST from rss <>

Subject: Lets play a fun game, I'm going to type a random string of letters in the body of this post, and you respond with a comment that is another random string of letters. Ready?

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[#] Wed Mar 30 2022 14:46:40 MST from rss <>

Subject: Is there any way to convert those torrents that are for gnu/linux wine with weird filenames, to windows ones?

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Sometimes they're the latest release on the tracker, even a later version than the windows one. Or sometimes they're much better seeded than the windows one.

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[#] Wed Mar 30 2022 15:15:41 MST from rss <>

Subject: If I pirate MSFS20, could I use the Google maps mod to get better textures?

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Per the title. I know MSFS local textures are low-rez, and the whole point was the "realistic visuals". So if I pirate it and use the Google maps mod, will I get the high-rez stuff or will I just be screwed?

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[#] Wed Mar 30 2022 15:24:26 MST from rss <>

Subject: use duckduckgo btw

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[#] Wed Mar 30 2022 15:25:30 MST from rss <>

Subject: YoutubeVanced seems to be giving the error now as it has been discontinued so I can't browse anymore...are there alternatives that offer the same ability to use the 'algorhythm'? The others I've tried can only search but don't offer suggestions. What is a good work around for android?

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I just can't justify paying money for youtube premium simply for the ability to be able to turn off my screen while listening to things at work. It's way too much and such a slight difference. YoutubeVanced was perfect so I'm hoping there is something similar? Or do I need to get a special type of browser and adblocker and just use the youtube website or something?

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[#] Wed Mar 30 2022 15:36:44 MST from rss <>

Subject: Help-GTA V doesn't open Co-Op Menu when pressed 9

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Here is the ScriptHookVDotNet.log file.

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[#] Wed Mar 30 2022 15:57:20 MST from rss <>

Subject: Glad I got mine already loaded up on my NAS/Plex

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[#] Wed Mar 30 2022 16:22:06 MST from rss <>

Subject: Trying to download some shows that aren't available in the UK i.e. LetterKenny

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Used to torrent all the time. But now it appears quite difficult. Figured I'm missing a trick.

Figured to ask as I'm out of my depth now as all my mirrors have gone, servers no longer exist and more just... *poof*

I run my VPNs and my TOR browser and only search through the likes of DuckDuckGo and still no luck.

Found an old friend in KAT (Kick-Ass Torrents) but no luck as the torrent file just seemed to not want to download.

Any advice?

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[#] Wed Mar 30 2022 16:12:47 MST from rss <>

Subject: Is downloading torrents that bad for my SSD?

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I often hear about torrents being very bad for SSDs. Is that true?

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