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[#] Thu Jul 21 2022 15:49:10 MST from rss <>

Subject: Oandisbsisbdibdbd

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Kaute angst bis herum sie ehe hol. Zu in so bello ungut hause ku. He zahne da spurt ku stamm sehen ja. Brauchst verwirrt fu vollends um doppelte zu. Her sonst leber sag schen zum hielt zwirn tag. Sei nun gedanken sorgfalt ich brannten. Erschien schonste begegnen gebrauch je schlafen mu.

Gefallen eigentum schuppen so ei feinheit. Gegen er kinde kenne mu se. Im zu sauber labsal werden en heraus sterne mu. Trostlos der das streckte gefallts ins tag begierig. Gebrauch eleonora horchend gedanken als ich befehlen. Geschirr manchmal an spateren hinunter es sichtbar er ri einander. Herkommen betrubtes einfacher es so am kreiselnd verwegene schnupfen.

Verweilen verlassen dahinging ei du im schreibet pa. Du kindliche zu he gewandert ausblasen er. Im fein rand wo warm land. Allen ja funfe kiste du heran. Dunkelrot barbieren mut die verlangst. Einfach schaute nie tat preisen. Ja du trinken er instand traurig am. Ziemlich ich ist horchend aufgeben vergnugt mag vollends. Mehrere obenhin klopfen klopfen atemzug tur ihm. Kellnerin vergesset es mi vergnugen argerlich du flanierte bekannten am.

Gru wartete ein beinahe den ordnung nachdem mit. Gemacht dir lie geh gerbers bereits bestand offnung einfand. Ihr wahrhaftig grasgarten flusterton eigentlich grundstuck dienstmagd dem. Zeit magd zu se eine habs. Heran ob einer um augen takte vater zu eisen da. Tur eigentum blaulich ehrbaren irgendwo ich liebsten. In nein tate moge wird ei oben am sage. Mi so verrichtet te mancherlei handarbeit da verschwand bescheiden hufschmied. Uns ganz gewi duse fast warm tag. Erschien sparlich um getraumt mu eigentum lampchen.

submitted by /u/Thehattyguy
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[#] Thu Jul 21 2022 15:55:58 MST from rss <>

Subject: Advanced methods for saving pdfs?

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Before you ask, no, this is not something you can just go print to pdf or inspect element on.

I had to buy temporary access to a business textbook. I already paid for it and I think it is ridiculous that my access will be rescinded. I do like the book though and I want to keep it. The pdf is only available through some proprietary looking e-reader, and I would like to save the whole book. I could screenshot it bit by bit and use Adobe OCR it to make it searchable again, but that would take an eternity.

Would any of you happen to know how to automate this or perhaps bypass the reader? Maybe just point me towards the right direction?


submitted by /u/ca404
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[#] Thu Jul 21 2022 16:30:11 MST from rss <>

Subject: What's your "must have" pirated applications on your phone that you can't live without?

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Looking for apps that I find interesting and may actually use them.

submitted by /u/Lofty_69
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[#] Thu Jul 21 2022 17:03:00 MST from rss <>

Subject: Can a Torrent site block Specific Titles / Uploaders?

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This is the torrent site in question:

This Chinese torrent site specializes in Donghua ( Chinese Anime ) & Anime. But the thing it's impossible to download any of the "Popular Donghuas" from this site. It simply doesn't start no matter how long you wait - and no these are not old obscure torrents, they're new hot releases.

The magnet link immediately loads and shows the torrent name and then nothing.........0.0%

But when you try downloading other small-time Donghuas or normal Anime content, everything works perfectly. But if I wanted to download Anime, I would've chosen other far better Anime speciality sties.

Finally inside the "Trackers" tab in qbittorrent, this message is shown " No Such Host is Known " but this shows up in both cases ( working and non-working torrents ). So I don't think that's the problem, not sure what else is.

submitted by /u/gamerlinkon
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[#] Thu Jul 21 2022 16:50:58 MST from rss <>

Subject: Virus from an app that i've created?

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Hello, I've downloaded Matlab r2021a from (which I've been using from 3 years at least) uploaded by crackzsoft (which uploads software since 2018). I've installed Matlab without any problem, with windows defender on.

However today i made an app with Matlab app designer and I've created a standalone version of it with Matlab, that works perfectly fine on my PC, obviously still with defender on. The problem is that i cannot send the app to my second PC as it's seen as a virus (trojan "wacatac")

Is possible that downloaded software had virus?

More info that might help: 1) i downloaded an iso. 2) the app that i've created let the user search for a file in their pc, might this be the problem?

submitted by /u/GiampoS
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[#] Thu Jul 21 2022 16:48:54 MST from rss <>

Subject: Where to find otherwise paid clip studio brushes?

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I'm using clip studio paint, a drawing software for manga. Im specifically interested in the brushes from a site called manga materials net. Their products are fantastic from what I've heard but I'm a bit broke. Any help will be appreciated

submitted by /u/AxySmarts
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[#] Thu Jul 21 2022 17:30:49 MST from rss <>

Subject: adob?e genu1ne service busting my ass

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can i uninstall this?

submitted by /u/_init_5_
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[#] Thu Jul 21 2022 17:44:29 MST from rss <>

Subject: Is there a site for Japanese Android APKs?

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I am looking for a specific game that doesn't seem to be on the sites in the megathread. Since it's Japanese only, are there sites where it would more likely be at?

submitted by /u/ginwithbutts
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[#] Thu Jul 21 2022 17:37:08 MST from rss <>

Subject: kaoskrew repack threat?

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im pretty new to scene repacks and stuff but should this be here? (or is it one of those fake ones that they use to scare u away from piracy) thanks

submitted by /u/Soonmp4
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[#] Thu Jul 21 2022 16:23:02 MST from rss <>

Subject: Steam Deck no longer running cracked games in game mode, anyone else?

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Has anyone else run into problems where cracked games added to steam as non-steam games that used to run just fine in Game Mode no longer launch in Game Mode on the Steam Deck? I can still run the games in Desktop Mode but since the last couple updates to Steam OS I can no longer run them in Game Mode.

I have tried the following:

  • Running the games via a script to use the flatpak version of Wine to launch them
  • Trying to launch through gamescope
  • Adding a steam_appid.txt with the correct app ID in the folder with the executable
  • Removing and re-installing a game

None of those have worked. This issue just started today and so far none of the threads here, nor any of the YouTube videos that I can find have solved this problem.

Any help would be appreciated, or at least to know that it isn't just me who is having this problem suddenly.

submitted by /u/merlyn2748
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[#] Thu Jul 21 2022 17:59:42 MST from rss <>

Subject: Is there a new watchseries domain or is it down completely?

[Reply] [ReplyQuoted] [Headers] [Print] has been down for 2 days, couldn't find a new domain, just rip off versions

submitted by /u/Bearandfifi
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[#] Thu Jul 21 2022 17:57:15 MST from rss <>

Subject: How can I watch pretty much any movie for free that actually costs money?

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Can I use torrents to find every movie there is? Or are there any libraries that will redirect you to google drive/mega files where the film is or is there a website where you can search for a film and then it redirects to another website where you can watch that film? Or are there any cracked usb sticks, etc.?

submitted by /u/xXLisa28Xx
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[#] Thu Jul 21 2022 18:28:39 MST from rss <>

Subject: Stray game on rarbg(scene) safe?

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The setup exe shows me 19 red flags on this normally?

submitted by /u/braintrainmain
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[#] Thu Jul 21 2022 18:54:01 MST from rss <>

Subject: What is the proper naming scheme for a torrent?

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Hi, I've been doing some ripping, and was wondering what the proper title format for torrent titles are. I'd like to keep the scheme consistent with the files that are downloaded. I have no idea where the scheme is even from, so I'm at a loss for what to search up.


submitted by /u/Bringback-T_D
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[#] Thu Jul 21 2022 18:51:03 MST from rss <>

Subject: can someone tell me which website is this ?

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[#] Thu Jul 21 2022 19:09:58 MST from rss <>

Subject: Best Free IPTV M3U Playlist

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Howdy Partners,

I'm trying to find the best Free IPTV M3U Playlist as mentioned in the title. If you know any reliable/updated ones please let me know here in the replies or DM me.

Thank you!

submitted by /u/IcyWerewolf4357
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[#] Thu Jul 21 2022 19:13:33 MST from rss <>

Subject: $70 is truly insane

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[#] Thu Jul 21 2022 19:02:29 MST from rss <>

Subject: Skylanders Disk

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I want to know if it's possible to get a Wii disk to delete the contents on that and burn the PS3 version onto that disk

submitted by /u/Arsikuki
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[#] Thu Jul 21 2022 19:13:33 MST from rss <>

Subject: Netflix moving forward..

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Recent articles are saying by next year Netflix hopes to have both ad-included plans as well as a crackdown on sharing passwords. I feel like as a sub of nearly 1 million people we could have a fairly large impact on their financial success after that move if there's a coordinated boycott.cancellation of their services. They had to admit they lost 1 million already and it apparently scared certain executives enough to spur these changes. Tell everyone you know to cancel before it happens and we might make an impact!

submitted by /u/athiaxoff
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[#] Thu Jul 21 2022 19:35:52 MST from rss <>

Subject: HWIDGEN activation gone after reset.

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Hello everyone,

I have this laptop that I recently reset and it was previously activated with HWIDGEN. Before I reset the laptop I used the clean option in the dropdown menu via the HWIDGEN app. But now when I try and activate with HWIDGEN, it pops up with this error.

Also in the windows activation menu it looks like this.

Every once in a while there is this screen which looks like this which is quite annoying.

I am also using Windows 10 Home. This error has also happened before and I used this video to downgrade from Pro to Home and it worked.

I can also purchase a new key but I am afraid that there might be an error such as "This key you entered doesn't work."

Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance!

submitted by /u/nova5250
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