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[#] Thu Apr 07 2022 14:15:00 MST from rss <>

Subject: Retro Re-release Roundup, week of April 7, 2022

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The Chrono remaster fans have been waiting for, paired up with Chrono Cross.


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Subject: Slipstream: Retro Arcade Racer Review – Nintendo Switch

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We check out the retro arcade racer SLIPSTREAM on the Nintendo Switch!

The post Slipstream: Retro Arcade Racer Review – Nintendo Switch first appeared on AUSRETROGAMER.

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Subject: Taito Milestones – Nintendo Switch Review

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We review ININ GAMES' Taito Milestones on the Nintendo Switch

The post Taito Milestones – Nintendo Switch Review first appeared on AUSRETROGAMER.

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Subject: Metal Gear Solid's Cut Content Ft. David Hayter

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The voice of Snake himself, David Hayter, narrates a half-hour deep dive into the cut content of the Metal Gear Solid series. The guys over at Did You Know Gaming look to have done some deep research into the cut content of the Metal Gear Solid series, and to top it off, even managed to get David Hayter on board to lend his voice!  Watch it here: About Did You Know Gaming and this video: Research/Writing by Dr Lava Video Editing by TheCartoonGamer Special Thanks: Axl4002 for consulting on the MGS4 section; Arc_Hound for translations; Nitroid, AndreyStardust, and A Impatient Man for proof-reading and consulting Links: 2nd channel: David Hayter:

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Subject: Retronauts Episode 447: Mortal Kombat

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This episode is rated "M" for "Mortalkombat"


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Subject: Get Hyped For PAX East 2022!

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Woohoo, get hyped for PAX East 2022!

The post Get Hyped For PAX East 2022! first appeared on AUSRETROGAMER.

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Subject: Gaming Tees from Seven Squared

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Gaming Tees from Seven Squared are a tribute to games from our childhood Hear the story behind what drives the passion behind the project.  We spoke to Simon from the team about the design, brands and what goes into the whole thing!   .  Official T-shirts from   DISCOUNT Code: Use code GYL20 at the checkout/basket -  for 20% off! Hi Simon -  first question!  Q1. What made you start the company in the first place (what inspired you)? For many years I have worked in the games and gaming space and dabbled in merchandising from time to time but one thing that always used to frustrate me was the lack of commitment given to what is the greatest entertainment journey in history in this area.  I mean, what has been more impactful than computer games on the life and story of many of us. So, I thought why not ask what a couple of others thought of the idea and that is when Steve and Dave joined in with the idea. Furthermore, as a mental health advocate I wanted to connect to that in some way as games have always been both a solid foundation and memory bank for a multitude of reasons including when you feel crap and needed an escape, they were always there. It was also a reason to get together with a friend and play games to get away from it all. Throughout my life playing a game here and there has always been supportive and over recent years the sense of community both for myself and my son during covid times has made it all the more palpable. Hence the connection we have with games industry mental health charity Safe In Our World . So, through this we get to live out two passions. The story of the journey of computer games, what those moments meant from a game perspective but also a mental health one. Promoting the positivity both can bring to all of us.   Q2. What computers and games did you most love growing up and why? To be honest, when I started, I often borrowed my mates’ consoles as I was not initially allowed one. I think my parents thought they would be really bad for me and my focus. Anyway, when I did, the ZX Spectrum, Vic20 and Commodore 64 were the initial ones. A little dabble on the Amiga from time to time also plus the Atari 2600 which I loved when I could get my hands on one. T he first console I actually owned was a Vic 20. Games are varied as you can see from the journey shared to date but Kikstart was always an early classic along with the Epyx portfolio like Cali Games but the early teenage years headed to Bitmap games from Speedball to Chaos Engine. Away from home, the arcade was a special place and many an Atari game from Asteroids to Battlezeone (now owned by Rebellion) and 1943 Battle of the Midway were always favourites and costly! The latter of which I remember spending all the 10ps my Gran gave me out of her purse when on a holiday to the Pontins in the South West. She was not too pleased, but I had fun!   Q3. How are the garments made and the materials (cotton quality) used? We use  Gildan Softstyle  100%  Soft ring spun  Cotton  for all of our T's. These have a high stitch density for a smoother printing surface resulting in a better and clearer print. It's a classic fit T and one that our customers love based on our Trustpilot score :)   Q4. What are you favourite designs from your current portfolio and why? I think there are a few for sure. Naturally the first designs which Mike Montgomery was so willing to support from that part of the journey, especially the more recent box art Speedball 2 design. Away from that, our first exclusive Safe In Our World design for Worms via Team 17 is a great one for many reasons. Beyond that I was really excited to get the approval from Ian Livingstone to add some Fighting Fantasy designs to the journey. I mean, who didn’t enjoy those role-playing gamebooks when taking a few moments away from the screen. I mean you had to read books as well when you could but those were the only ones really. But there really are too many to list as it can feel like reliving your childhood from time to time.   Q5. What has been your personal experience of the retro gaming community since you started? Wonderful! We cannot speak more highly of the community and how they have embraced what we have tried to do and in the proper manner by looking to build relationships, license rights and deliver an experience they can also relate to. It seems they too have sought a genuine respected and caring voice for the journey also. Their engagement in our annual “SafeMentaliTEE” event where we spend the weekend wearing and sharing the journey and what that means to our collective mental health has been outstanding and we have raised thousands of pounds together for the charity. That means a lot. Genuinely the community has been great, and we thank every single one of them for supporting what we are trying to build from a unique story perspective but for the charity also. We have also managed to do a few design collaborations with the likes of Arcade Attack, Scumm and Villainy and Jinjar etc. More of those to come when we can get them in.   Q6. What sort of things do you cover on your social channels?   And why should people follow you?! Every time we release a new design (between 12 and 24 per annum at the moment) we write a blog post about that game and its connection to the story being told. We are most active on Twitter and regularly share imagery on Instagram and Facebook . We tend to focus on the product and teasing what may be coming next as well as sharing what Safe In Our World are up to. We also check in on people when we can to see if they are doing ok. Generally, it is about the games and the moments and why they are part of the story being told. We are always quite partial to a retro advert whether that was from TV or magazines. Pure nostalgia! We love being tagged in moments and memories by others as well, especially when they connect to the games they loved and why. We just wish it was as easy to get rights to do everything people want. We have however carved out a position for trying to do this right and to be genuine and we really do hope that comes across.   Q7. What other brands and games/consoles would you like to work on in the future? You should see the list! We often joke about how long it is with requests and reminders of things we had forgotten about on there. Suffice to say we want Seven Squared to be the authentic brand when it comes to this journey and what it means to everyone, so everything is possible. S ome are just harder to get. There are some notable gaps like Lemmings which we tried to nail for the Anniversary, but we just couldn’t get that one to land in time (even with a bloody parachute!). Where the arcade journey is concerned, we would love to get some of the Midway portfolio as the memories are deep there.  Further to that, each year we also aim to have a chapter with one developer/publisher that gives the lion’s share of all sales to Safe In Our World.  Last year, thanks to the lovely people at Electronic Arts we were overjoyed to be able to bring Dungeon Keeper, Road Rash, The Sims, Theme Park and Skate or Die to the story and there will be more like this we hope. I mean the journey would not be complete without having something both from those Magadrive moments and the moments of PC “dominance” in the mid to late 90s.   We have also started to work with other apparel licensees to see what we can do to continue the story where things may be tough for us on our own, so please drop us a line if you have an idea you would like to add from your range.   Q8. Any sneak peeks or future stuff we can reveal here!? This is a massive year in the story with 40 year birthdays for a host of chapters from Fighting Fantasy to Atari franchises like Pong. I mean just search for 1972 and see what you come up with! We may also crash in to some the early 2000s again with a little splash of magic. Official T-shirts from DISCOUNT Code: Use code GYL20 at the checkout/basket -  for 20% off! Social links for all the channels:

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Subject: Extra! Extra! Reset64 Issue 14 is Out Now!

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The latest issue of Reset64 is out now! If you love the Commodore 64, then you'll love the free Reset64 issue 14 magazine!

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Subject: Retro Re-release Roundup, week of April 14, 2022

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Subject: A computer mouse filled with Drugs

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Dark Reason This Mouse is Filled with Drugs | Nostalgia Nerd When you think you've seen everything you really haven't. Especially when it comes to videos by Nostalgia Nerd! Consider the fact that the tale here is one of a simple computer mouse - the design and idea of which you may have never seen before (or have wanted to!). Here Peter (Nostalgia Nerd) takes and talks us through a plethora of mice (not mouses) that come in all shapes and sizes from brands that are familar and others that are more obscure. Talking of obscure - one is filled with drugs... Watch it here:  About the video and Nostalgia Nerd: The humble computer mouse. It's an item we take for granted. We use it to navigate around our GUI. But there's an altogether darker use for the mouse, a use that may have slipped us by, but could have easily changed our lives for the worse (or better, depending on the outcome). In this video, Peter explores promotional novelty mice, and their effect on our lives. Nostalgia Nerd... has an addiction to Nostalgia & things often categorised as "nerdy". He talks about software, hardware, games, toys, programs, magazines and other things from the 70s, 80s and 90s, sometimes with a liberal amount of dry humour. The channel's main focus is computer related items from the 80s & 90s.  Nostalgia Nerd Links: 🐥 🎮 👱🏼📘 📸 🌍 (Nostalgia Nerd - Peter Leigh in a very fetching AOL hoodie)

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Subject: Taito Milestones collects a mixed bag of Arcade Archives

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Subject: Retronauts Episode 449: 3DS and Wii U Deathbed Recommendations

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[#] Tue Apr 19 2022 23:00:00 MST from rss <>

Subject: In Tempest 4000, familiarity breeds contentment

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The enduring appeal of Jeff Minter's psychedelic blaster


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Subject: Retro Re-release Roundup, week of April 21, 2022

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I refuse to type the word "Un-Wii-sh'd".


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Subject: Arcade Childhood

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Some parts of my Family are from Leigh On Sea, Essex, and throughout my childhood and early teens, I would occasionally travel from London to Southend, during the Summer Seasons Recounting a childhood leading to a life with the love of the Arcade - Guest Writer Cheeky Crissy recounts his youth. Follow on Twitter here: I loved the fairground, the food, the pretty lights, (Mini Golf anyone?) but I REALLY looked forward to going to the Arcade. As a small boy ‘Galaga’ ‘Space Invaders’ or ‘Pacman’, were the first arcade games I was ever introduced to.   The Arcade was truly where my obsession & relationship began with gaming. In the 80’s & 90’s, you were either a fan of Bedroom Indie gaming, Console gaming, or Home Computer gaming. But there was another gaming culture I truly connected with and that was Arcade gaming. I’m literally playing on machines that have SO much more graphical power thrown at me, than the machines I played on at home. And it’s not so much that, it was sociable, playing with other gamers either in Co – Op ‘Gauntlet’ (Dammit they shot the food!) or against ‘Streetfighter’. (I can’t even write this article without mentioning the Streetfighter series, because although the first game wasn’t much to work with or look at, it was the SEQUEL that came afterwards, that was the real game changer!)   One popular gaming type that stood out for me was, Arcade Conversions for the home.   And most of us either looked on in amusement, debated, (or even PRAYED) that the game in question, LOOKED like the game we played for countless hours and threw money into.   During that time, I was playing games on a humble Amstrad CPC computer that looked NOTHING like the machines I worshipped at the Seafront.   And it took a few Christmases of begging my dad for a 16 bit machine, after drooling over screenshots of the latest games in the gaming Publications of the time.   Even then, games were close in terms of looks and gameplay, (It was still miles apart from it) but honestly, you really go to the Arcade for the EXPERIENCE. Sure, you could play ‘Outrun’, ‘Space Harrier’ Or ‘AfterBurner’ at home,   but you’re never going have that experience of being thrown around in Hydraulic seats, with Stereo sound blasting through your earballs.   You went to the Arcade back then, because it was nothing like you could have at home. It was like going to the Cinema. It was just a completely different experience. Consoles today are pretty much evenly matched to what’s out there & to be fair, for us Arcade gamers back then pining of owning an ‘Arcade perfect’ game,   Sorta / kinda got what we wanted. It was a classic case of ‘They were so preoccupied with whether they could, they never stopped to think if we ‘Should’.   (Jeff Goldblum – Jurrassic Park) Any gamer that sees a new game at an arcade these days would be like “I’ll wait till it’s available on console” – Like they were waiting for a movie to come out on Netflix. I’m personally loving the revival of arcades here in UK, Like Arcains in Liverpool, Arcade Club in Bury, Manchester, Four Quarters in London & Neon Knights in Essex, all places that would instantly bring me back to my Childhood & there’s a positive community out there that you could hang with and reminisce of the Golden Age of Gaming. (Maybe talking of Playing ‘Golden Axe’ or the game I absolutely obsessed over, ‘Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles’) Even today if I’m at a Gaming Con and there’s a machine that I would recognize, like an ‘Operation Wolf’ Or a ‘Double Dragon’ or even a ‘Star Wars’ Deluxe cabinet from 1983, I’m there! THIS was my era and I would absolutely 100% defend it! Some people, outside of gaming (Or even the modern gamers) would give us retro-gamers the ‘Side eye’ but I would honestly tell them, that it’s no different from listening to a favorite song, or watching a movie, over and over that you remember & loved from your childhood. And you can’t take that away from anybody. Article by Cheeky Crissy

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Subject: Retronauts Episode 450: Super Mario Bros (The 1993 movie)

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Development hell makes World 8-4 look like a cakewalk


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Subject: PICOmputer ZX: Raspberry Pi PICO Powered Pocket ZX Spectrum

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Check out and build your own Pocket ZX Spectrum powered by a Raspberry Pi PICO

The post PICOmputer ZX: Raspberry Pi PICO Powered Pocket ZX Spectrum first appeared on AUSRETROGAMER.

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Subject: Retro Re-release Roundup, week of April 28, 2022

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Subject: The Internet Archive Console Living Room

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If you don't want to stuff around with downloading and configuring emulators for your computer, then check out the Internet Archive's Console Living Room

The post The Internet Archive Console Living Room first appeared on AUSRETROGAMER.

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Subject: Retronauts Episode 452: The Amiga

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Because "Commodore 256" doesn't roll off the tongue


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