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[#] Wed Nov 17 2021 18:11:28 MST from rss <>

Subject: A1000 trouble with ICD Ad*Speed* at 14.3 MHz

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I cannot boot my A1000 with the installed ICD AdSpeed at 14.3 MHz, nor use the filesystems on a Parceiro v1.1 at that speed.

I have a toggle switch on the A-B jumper, which both determines the starting speed at power-on/reboot and also allows for changing speed on-the-fly. If I power on with the switch open (14.3 MHz) and the expansion port empty, I see five blinks of the power LED with a black screen. Same if I then reset with Ctrl-A-A.

If I power on with the switch open (14.3 MHz) and a Parceiro v1.1 in the expansion port, I see five blinks of the power LED followed by a transition to the Kickstart floppy graphic. Inserting the Kickstart disk results in drive activity followed by ten blinks of the power LED with a yellow screen (repeating).

If I power on with the switch closed (7.16 MHz), boot/kick seem normal whether the expansion port is empty or with the Parceiro installed. I can then start a floppy game (e.g. Barbarian (Palace)) and clearly see a speedup when opening the switch, and a slowdown when closing it. The "AdSpeed" CLI utility also works to toggle the speed. If the Parceiro is installed, I can use the expansion RAM at either speed (but not the SD filesystems, more below).

I can instead start the Parceiro KickWork (WB1.3) disk and use programs on its FAT and PFS partitions seemingly as normal at 7.16 MHz. If I switch to 14.3MHz, attempts to list directory contents on the FAT partition can result in a System Request dialog like "SD0: read error -4 in block 624320", and attempts to do so on the PFS partition can result in empty listings.

I had been using the AdSpeed for years in an A500 (with ICD AdRAM) and never noticed any trouble there. I did see this passage in the AdSpeed Owners Manual "Compatibility" section:

Expansion devices with auto-config shared memory areas, such as bridge boards, will not operate properly when AdSpeed is turned on. This is unavoidable when using a cache, since the shared area is in normal auto-config memory areas. Turning AdSpeed off will allow these devices to be accessed normally.

Don't see why that would affect the boot/kick process though. Is there any good "stress test" program to check for a potential CPU/hardware fault? Any thoughts appreciated.

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[#] Wed Nov 17 2021 22:12:48 MST from rss <>

Subject: Just bought an A500, having trouble getting anything to work.

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Before I start chasing up the seller (who claimed it was in "full working order", but didn't go into any detail about how thoroughly it was tested, I just want a quick sanity check to see if there's anything I'm missing or could check myself to diagnose the problem.

The FDD has been replaced (not by me) with a Gotek drive, which seems to work, I am able to boot into FlashFloppy and I see all the games I downloaded onto my USB drive. It also has a 0.5MB RAM expansion and a Kickstart 3.1 ROM. It's a rev6a board and I'm using the original PSU.

When loading any games (and yes, I've double-checked to make sure they're games which should work fine with OCS Amigas), they crash almost immediately, usually with the 8000 000B or 000A codes. Some games I can at least interact with menus, but as soon as any gameplay happens, it crashes.

Another weird thing is that sometimes it crashes when navigating through FlashFloppy, but this never happens if I remove the RAM expansion, it only crashes when trying to play games.

I ran AmigaTestKit to try and run some diagnostics and found no problems, everything passed all checks and no errors were encountered after running the memory diagnostics for a few hours. It detected the RAM chip just fine as well.

Finally, I opened it up and inspected the motherboard to see if there was any obvious damage and it looks pristine. I don't have the tools to actually check anything right now, though.

If anyone can offer some suggestions that would be massively appreciated. The only thing I haven't really checked which I feel could be an issue is the power supply, since it's an old chonker and it wouldn't surprise me one bit if it was causing any issues, but I don't know if these kinds of issues are things that might arise from dodgy power supplies, and I'm not ready to fork out for a replacement if I'm not 100% sure it'll solve the problem.

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[#] Thu Nov 18 2021 12:43:40 MST from rss <>

Subject: Super Hang On - ALL endings - a great classic i've always played shamefully..i managed to finish it only through savestates :D

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[#] Thu Nov 18 2021 14:35:24 MST from rss <>

Subject: TF1230 not showing up on A1200

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I just recently got a TF1230 card and got the chance today to try it out. However, when I open up sysinfo I cant see that there is any extra memory (I got the 64mb version). And when I do a speed test, it says that it is 1.30 times faster than a regular A1200. I have installed the drivers that came with it. Does anybody have any suggestions? This is really new to me.. Currently running Kickstart 3.0 with ClassicWB

Thanks! 😃

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[#] Thu Nov 18 2021 15:21:04 MST from rss <>

Subject: Question about retrogaming

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Hi Guys,I've a question for You

I have a 17" CRT monitor Sony Trinitron, The model is G220

I'd like to use it for retrogaming

Is it possible To Install an emulator like WINUAE on a Raspberry?

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[#] Fri Nov 19 2021 05:43:27 MST from rss <>

Subject: Turrican 2 AGA new World 3 release

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I recently released my next update to the Turrican 2 MS-DOS -> AGA Amiga conversion. It contains all three spaceship levels from World 3.

Indie Retro News did a video of it here.

You can download the adf here.

Runs on A1200s with any amount of Fast RAM.

It's mostly complete, all the enemies and bosses are there, plus the player can die now. Just a few minor things missing. It was somewhat challenging matching all the scrolling movements, and boss patterns to the original. It involved a lot of playing the game with cheat modes on, and noting everything down, but it has come out well, and even makes a few improvements over the MS-DOS version (added parallax in one level and two of the bosses battles play in front of a fast scrolling background - like the original Amiga version did).

Please let me know if you try it. I'm especially interested in feedback on how the difficulty compares to the original. Also please let me know of compatibility problems - older builds of the game had problems with 040/060 processors. I'm hoping that may be fixed now.

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[#] Fri Nov 19 2021 13:12:29 MST from rss <>

Subject: Gotek issues

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I recently recapped an A1200 rev. 1B with KS3.0 roms. The owner came back with external floppy issues. The Gotek worked internally but not externally connected to a floppy adapter.

I recently ordered an external floppy adapter from, a different one than his. I tested with three Goteks I have laying around here:

  • one I use in my own A1200 (rev 1D4 and 2.0 both with KS3.2) with FF 3.16, works on his externally without issues. I can boot from it or read/change disks once booted
  • one works only after a soft boot. It's not detected after a cold boot and unavailable in Workbench. When I restart, it's detected to boot from and available in workbench.
  • one doesn't work at all. It has been used in a pc before so I guess that's the issue.

The owner also told me the regular floppy doesn't work when attached to the external floppy adapter.

So, I recapped a lot of Amiga's and other vintage hardware and I never had any issues before. I highly doubt it's a (re-)cap issue since the first Gotek works without issues.

What else can I look for?

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[#] Fri Nov 19 2021 14:11:40 MST from rss <>

Subject: Amiga 2000 CPU socket repair

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[#] Fri Nov 19 2021 17:28:43 MST from rss <>

Subject: Amiga Project - A - (All Games)

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[#] Fri Nov 19 2021 17:52:52 MST from rss <>

Subject: Trackers: The Sound of 16-Bit

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[#] Fri Nov 19 2021 18:53:12 MST from rss <>

Subject: Chwiloka - New Amiga Memory Game

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[#] Fri Nov 19 2021 21:08:36 MST from rss <>

Subject: Made this on 500+ when I was about 13 and I still think it’s cool. Wanted to be Aphex but never mind lol

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[#] Sat Nov 20 2021 13:25:51 MST from rss <>

Subject: Turbo Santa by nivrig

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[#] Sat Nov 20 2021 14:01:27 MST from rss <>

Subject: Monitor CRT Sony G220

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I’d like to ask your opinion

I managed to find a Sony Crt monitor in perfect condition

I am seriously thinking of buying a MISTer Fpga and play old DOS/Amiga Games connected Via VGA to the Monitor

The monitor is a Multiscan 17" G220 that supports a maximum resolution of 1600*1200 Aperture Grill and Dot 0.24 mm only VGA Output

Is it much more powerful than a Monitor Commodore 1084s?The fact is a Multiscan would be a problem?


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[#] Sat Nov 20 2021 17:20:06 MST from rss <>

Subject: Socks aren’t always a boring gift 😄

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[#] Sat Nov 20 2021 17:32:04 MST from rss <>

Subject: WARNING: eBay/PayPal purchases in other currencies and money loss during refunds

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TLDR: If you buy something using PayPal in another currency and get a refund later you will likely lose money if you need a refund. PayPal adds fees and/or uses an exchange rate that's poor for the buyer during the sale and a uses different rate that's more favorable to PayPal during the refund.

Note: My comments don't exclusively apply to Amiga purchases but relate to a bad experience I had this week. So feel free to move or remove the post if it's violating some hidden rule or whim of a mod. (I searched for any similar posts and didn't find anything.)

I won a fairly pricey eBay Amiga auction earlier this week (nearly $1000 US). The seller was in Canada. I'm in the US. After the auction was over the seller decided that the shipping costs were too high and said he was canceling the auction - which sucked for multiple reasons. He ignored my messages for a few days then finally issued a refund when I mentioned fraud. When PayPal processed the refund they refunded me the same Canadian amount as the sale but what I received was $50 US less than what I paid 3 days earlier. I checked the exchange rates on those days and the conversion difference was about 0.6% - not 5-6%. So while PayPal does mention in their TOS that refunds may vary from the original amount when a currency conversion is involved (due to fluctuating rates) they DON'T mention that they are tacking on some addition conversion surcharge to the buyer during the purchase or giving the buyer a more unfavorable rate from the very beginning. It's also nearly impossible to get the missing money back.

Now, why use eBay when there are other options? True. I buy new items from various domestic and international stores and have never had issues. PayPal is often a choice for funding at many sites so the issue could happen at a lot of places, however. I don't use AmiBay because it's a closed, exclusive community that isn't allowing new registrations and it's just a weird situation. (I've owned Amigas for over 20 years but have been out of the "scene" for quite a while - hence never regged there before.)

While I don't discourage people from using any particular site or payment processor when buying gear just be prepared when making purchases in other currencies than their native one. If there's a dispute resulting in a refund you could lose a lot of money in the end.

submitted by /u/BuddhaPhi
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[#] Sat Nov 20 2021 20:32:13 MST from rss <>

Subject: vAmiga online: emulator in the browser

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[#] Sat Nov 20 2021 20:30:45 MST from rss <>

Subject: Welcome to, a dedicated collection to the Amiga video memory

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[#] Sun Nov 21 2021 01:04:15 MST from rss <>

Subject: The Last Days of Amiga - and the Lost Amiga CD64 - Slashdot

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[#] Sun Nov 21 2021 03:35:02 MST from rss <>

Subject: Trying to install OS3.9 with Gotek USB, need 911 Maker?

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Just starting to fiddle with this. DO I need the 911 Maker software to create a USB to use with a Gotek on an A1200 to install OS3.9?

Ive installed a drive (flash), changed Kickstarter chips, and a Gotek drive. Any advice?

submitted by /u/Ya-Dikobraz
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