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[#] Sat Oct 08 2022 21:32:19 MST from rss <>

Subject: What mods do you have for a500

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[#] Sun Oct 09 2022 07:54:21 MST from rss <>

Subject: The Chaos Engine / MiSTer FPGA / Amiga

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[#] Sun Oct 09 2022 19:33:17 MST from rss <>

Subject: Advice for new A1200 owner (display options)

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Hey all - I finally caved in and bought original hardware from a great vendor. I have a A1200 with a Tsunami 1230 64mb with working floppy drive and CF hard as a hard drive. Moving over from the mister. I also have a RBG-SCART and then one of those cheap $40.00 SCART to HDMI boxes that are widely available. This is all eventually ending up on a ASUS ProArt Display PA248QV 24.1” WUXGA (1920 x 1200) 16:10 Monitor that I bought specifically for the mister.

I am not happy with the output display from the A1200 currently as workbench seems blurry and gets hard on the eyes after a bit. I am wondering if I would have better results with either an MK3 or a OSSC. I haven't investigated these much yet so that I would ask here.

My use case is I mostly like to dick around in workbench - installing / configuring things, messing with the shell, and playing a few games using whdload.

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[#] Sun Oct 09 2022 22:25:12 MST from rss <>

Subject: Amiga 500 should have been released with a 030

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Or at least, a 020.
Yes, yes, Commodore was all about cutting costs and I'm betting 68000s were dirt cheap by comparison, but 020 came out in '84, and 030 in '87, when A500 was released near the end of the year.

If it had even had a 020, even at 12.5MHz, it would have blown any competition out of the water for a good while - a 020 in a A1200 was a tad slow when it was released, but back in '88, competing with 386, with Amiga's chipset?

Ahh. This is all just a part of my daydreams of "If I was back in year X and in charge of Commodore, what would I do?

Delay launch of A3000, and release it with a 040, and a A500+ with a 030 in '91, then a 040 A1200 in '92... Still, that gets into a tricky spot - assuming market dominance, it's possible Motorola would have been in a better spot developing further processors, but on the other hand, it's possible Commodore would have just gone the way of Acorn or NeXT.

Anyway, what would be YOUR strategy if you were the head of Commodore starting from when Amiga was released?

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[#] Mon Oct 10 2022 03:41:32 MST from rss <>

Subject: Looking for a ka12 midi cable.

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I am on the hunt for a ka12 midi cable. Does anyone have one for sale or a source that has them in stock?

submitted by /u/DilapidatedArmadillo
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[#] Mon Oct 10 2022 03:43:31 MST from rss <>

Subject: Q: anyone on here familiar with "telserd" ( Telnet modem emulator) on amiga?

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If so I'm having trouble getting ansi graphics to display properly over telnetd telser140 I have it running on MiamiDX tcpip stack on an amiga 1200 over prism2 firmware on a 16bit netgear ma401 wireless pcmcia. With a LOT of work it is pretty much flawless EXCEPT for ansi graphics from a pc or any other system using syncterm etc. What am i doing wrong? the ascii and b&w looks perfect when connecting from other machines but as soon as you do ansi color my dlgbbs menus artifact and looks like there wrapped 1/3rd across the screen with invalid colors and characters.

If anyone can help me . Please PM me... I've been at a project for 3 weeks now with a bbs and this is my only hangup before i publish the address and get it online . Re DlgBBS: there's no menu editors anywhere except for MENUTHING which is very limited. Core of a converter of sorts nothing more. Documentation on how to make custom menu's is nill either online. Ive been looking and trying things for weeks. --HELP

I'm starting to lean towards, an incorrect incompatible font on the bbs though i've tried many, also the handshaking in the telser.device modem emulator data flow 8n1 7n1 etc. or simply a character set or display / port config. I don't know where to start. Kind of played around with everything already. When i connect locally on the amiga life is good. it looks like 137x25 mode or something. locally all colors and ansi menu bars are perfect. Remotely is messed up. I'm using telnetd keyfile to register it.

submitted by /u/LordDarkenbeast
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[#] Mon Oct 10 2022 13:41:50 MST from rss <>

Subject: Chris' Commodore Amiga 3000 and the Amber of Gold

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[#] Mon Oct 10 2022 20:22:30 MST from rss <>

Subject: Incentive and Domark Software's Castle Master - Freescape Engine Goodness!

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[#] Tue Oct 11 2022 06:21:18 MST from rss <>

Subject: Just arrived... My Amiga CD32!

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[#] Tue Oct 11 2022 13:54:09 MST from rss <>

Subject: AmigaOS 4.1: Introduction to the Software Development Kit V54.16, part 1

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[#] Tue Oct 11 2022 15:30:29 MST from rss <>

Subject: Upgrading Amiga 500

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I bought an Amiga 500 (rev 6a with 512k expansion with spare part Amiga 500) from my brother with my first summer job money, let's say few decades ago. I've had a blast with it and still do. I have dug it out to play with it every now and then, love for this buddy of mine is strong. Disks were not in top working condition even when I got them and they have gone worst with years gone by. Luckly I found this subreddit and found out there's a cure for that, so I bought a Gotek drive, total game changer! I could count the games that actually worked (all disks) with two hands and now I am overwhelmed with options! I'm a huge fan of scifi and flying so of course I try space flysims and I am pretty sure my Amiga could use some upgrading there. And this is where I could use some help:

  1. I was thinking about getting ACA500+ but will that be enough with game like Wing Commander?
  2. Or should I also get ACA1221lc? 3 Do I need more expansion memory?
  3. Also now a days I use lcd screen and I miss those old school screen pixels and I have to ask, does Indivision ECS V3 (only one I seem to find at the moment) make it better?

    Also also I now use god damn stereos with this baby, can't recommend good sound system to back up Paula enough.

submitted by /u/KomeetJewelry
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[#] Tue Oct 11 2022 16:49:56 MST from rss <>

Subject: WinUAE is awesome but does anyone else think the UI could use a few improvements

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I get it it - it's an advanced emulator. I'm not expecting to be babied - but I can think of a couple things that could be improved.

Give a warning before converting a hardfile to RDB mode and losing all your data.

Also maybe give a warning that clicking "Load" while in settings while reset an active session.

And of course, the option to disable all of these warnings.

submitted by /u/InternationalTry6763
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[#] Tue Oct 11 2022 17:40:02 MST from rss <>

Subject: Making music on the Amiga 500

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Hi everyone. I recently discovered (I'm relatively new in the Amiga Universe) that you can make awesome music on the Amiga. I watched a video ( on how to make music on the Amiga. In the video, it says that you have to get the Stereo Master Floppy Disk and Cartridge, Noise Tracker v2.0 and some other stuff. I tried to find the Stereo Master set and the Noise Tracker v2.0 on eBay, but didn't find anything. Does anyone know where I can get it?

submitted by /u/saintnigo
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[#] Wed Oct 12 2022 15:21:49 MST from rss <>

Subject: AmiSSL 5.4

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[#] Wed Oct 12 2022 18:54:14 MST from rss <>

Subject: We have been publishing our magazine continuously since 2015.

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We have been publishing our magazine continuously since 2015.

Komoda & Amiga plus is a magazine dedicated to retro gaming culture (Commodore and Amiga). Released both in Polish and English version:

submitted by /u/Komoda_Amiga_plus
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[#] Thu Oct 13 2022 19:10:27 MST from rss <>

Subject: Using an Amiga in 2021: Making an intro

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[#] Thu Oct 13 2022 19:09:19 MST from rss <>

Subject: Directory Opus - King of the Dual Panes

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[#] Fri Oct 14 2022 09:17:51 MST from rss <>

Subject: Help with expansion mod

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[#] Fri Oct 14 2022 16:37:39 MST from rss <>

Subject: Waiting for an Amiga 500...what now?

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Hello lovely people. I finally purchased a used Amiga 500 and I'm currently waiting to receive it. Even if it was part of my childhood, it will be the first unit I own so I was wondering if there is anything I should do when I get it. AI mean in terms of upgrades, checking for components failure, installation of specific software, cleaning and general maintenance etc. Thanks in advance.

submitted by /u/KreepyKite
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[#] Fri Oct 14 2022 17:56:22 MST from rss <>

Subject: Best Amiga Joystick

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I have 4 of these, the best joystick ever made for the Commodore series. They last a life time :).

What joystick did or do you prefer. ?

submitted by /u/DoYourBestOnce
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