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[#] Tue Feb 22 2022 21:48:00 MST from TheDave

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Wed Jan 05 2022 07:41:10 MST from ParanoidDelusions <>

Hey! That would work. Give me a call sometime, and we'll have a look at it. I forgot you're mobile, being that... you know, you have a car! :D 



Wed Dec 29 2021 18:16:27 MST from TheDave


Sun Dec 26 2021 23:18:21 MST from ParanoidDelusions <>

Welcome to the world of the mobile! 

I could probably figure out how to get the reverse camera working. I put an Android head unit in my M235i. 

Sun Dec 26 2021 09:45:43 MST from TheDave

Just got myself a 2006 Honda Pilot.  I'm still learning where things are and how stuff works.  The previous owner also put in some custom stuff so things like my steering wheel volume control don't work anymore, and he said I have to plug in the reversing camera, so I just don't use it at all because I don't know how to do that lol

But yeah, being unfamiliar with my vehicle is a lot like driving drunk, I'm not 100% on where my wheelbase is yet, or which bumps are the car and which are the road.  I'll zen into it soon, I'm sure, but for now everything about driving it makes me a little nervous.


I could drive myself over to your house and let you take a crack at it.


I forgot if I have your number and I'm totally blanking on your meatspace name lol

And as I hoped, typing that made me remember, and I do have it.  Text sent.

[#] Wed Feb 23 2022 07:27:31 MST from ParanoidDelusions <>

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LOL. My phone is upstairs right now and I just saw this, but I'll check later and respond. :)